Science Club Mixtape


Hot damn, I’m excited! We’re just about ready to launch the Kickstarter to fund the printing of our first volume of First Law Of Mad Science​ on Sunday night. One of the rewards is a brand new 68 page anthology issue called First Law of Mad Science: Science Club Mixtape. The issue will feature stories and art from some amazing people such as Shawn Aldridge​, Frank Barbiere​, Michael Bracco​, Jason Copland​, Anthony Del Col​, Savanna Ganucheau​, Leland Goodman​, Mike Isenberg​, Daniel Lapham​, Conor McCreery​, Jeff McComsey​, Pete Toms​, Sean Von Gorman​, and me (Oliver Mertz)!

Here’s the amazing cover by Jason Copland with colors by Pete Toms.


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