Baltimore Comic Con

We’ll be at the Baltimore Comic-Con this weekend and we’ll have a BCC EXCLUSIVE work-in-progress edition of First Law of Mad Science issue #5. Come by booth A306 in Artist Alley to get it. It has a variant cover by the amazing Michael Bracco. Oh and there’s only 100 numbered copies, so don’t wait until Sunday. Anyway, if you can’t tell, we’re pretty darn excited for the con!



Boston Comic Con

We’re having a blast at the Boston Comic Con this weekend. Everyone has been super cool and nice. Thank you to anyone who has already picked up First Law of Mad Science. It means a lot to us that you gave our little indie book that could a chance.

photo (20)

I managed to sneak away and get an original sketch from one of my favorite comic artists (and writers! PRJ was so good!) Sean Murphy. I’ll be framing this one!photo (19)Here’s a panorama view from our (18)

And here’s Batman playing keep away with my glasses. photo (17)

And then punching me. Batman is kind of a bully, right?photo (16)We’ve still got one more day. If you haven’t stopped by yet, please do. Unless you’re Batman. LEAVE ME ALONE BATMAN!

– Oliver

My Dad

Today would have been my dad’s 66th birthday. He passed away last October from pancreatic cancer. He was funny, smart, and a good father. Most likely for his birthday at some point this week we would have watched Star Trek: First Contact or the first of the Star Trek reboots. Those were his favorites and he could watch them over and over again. I loved watching them with him. 


If you’ve got five minutes, go to and make a donation to support cancer research. I imagine everyone reading this can at least afford to donate a few dollars and five minutes of their time (to fill out the form). If people can support that stupid potato salad Kickstarter, then they can at least support cancer research. Cancer sucks. No one should have to suffer like that. So you, reading this, go to make a donation now!

– Oliver