Talking About The Comic At New York Comic Con

Over on her blog, “Thoughts from a Metaphysical Mind Dragon,” Victoria Anderson has just posted a video she shot of us at New York Comic Con, talking about the comic.  Check it out:

Something has gone “terribly wrong,” Oliver.  Terribly wrong with my facial hair!  I totally botched my beard-trimming last Friday and ended up with a serious chin-strap.  I look like a sweaty Guillermo Del Toro.  Oh well!

Facial hair mishaps notwithstanding, a very nice video.  Thanks for featuring us on your blog, Victoria!

Video From the 2010 New York Comic Con

Armed with only our comic, some props, and a flipcam, Mike and I set forth to get our comic to readers at the 2010 New York Comic Con. It was an amazing experience. Talking to readers and seeing them get excited by the idea of our comic was incredible. We are honored that people even stopped to hear our pitch. Thank you so much to everyone we met at the NYCC. We hope that you enjoy the book and stick with us for issue 2 and beyond!

And if you didn’t pick up the book, please check out our preview.

Unboxing The Print Order With Ninja-Stealth!

Who knew a UPS Delivery Confirmation email could be so exciting? After getting the email early Tuesday morning, I’m not embarrassed to say that I spent the rest of the day bouncing around and grinning like a goof-ball, so thrilled was I with just the idea of finally seeing our comic in print.

My plan was to find someone to film me exuberantly opening the package, beaming like a kid on Christmas, and maybe cracking a joke or two, in the hopes that some of my excitement would rub off onto you folks out there in internet-land.

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An Outtake From Our Kickstarter Video Shoot

We shot a lot of footage for our Kickstarter pitch video (see video here) and of course, most of it was us messing around and not directly talking about First Law. That’s not to say there wasn’t comedic gold in there. Gold I tells ya!