Happy Holidays

I wanted to take a moment to say happy holidays to everyone out there who has been kind enough to pick up First Law and give it a read. We love telling this story and hope you enjoy it.

Mike and I got to hang out the other night when he was in town, which is always nice. I finally got to give him his birthday present; Daniel’s original art from First Law. It is AMAZING. Daniel is an incredible artist, as you can see in the comic, but getting to see the original paper that he worked on to create the pages was incredible. I’ll post photos soon.

On a family note, my dad has had a big beard for over thirty years. Ever since I was a kid I have said that all I want for Christmas is for my dad to shave his beard; you know, to see his face. Each year he said the same thing, “I’m not going to shave it. This beard is older than you are.” Well, yesterday, I got my wish. Why, you might ask? Because my dad is better than yours.


Happy Holidays!

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