First Law Featured On “Comics Should Be Good”

Whoa.  Big bump in our Google Analytics numbers for yesterday.  Apparently we’ve been featured as part of the Month Of Indy Comics on the “Comics Should Be Good” blog over at Comic Book Resources.  Awesome sauce!

To all the folks just discovering our site: Welcome!  If you’d like to get your hands on a copy of the comic, you can order it from ComiXpress, download it from Wowio, or get it from Oliver and myself in person at the upcoming MoCCA Festival.

You’ll also be able to get Issue #1 at your local comic shop a little later this year.  We’ve submitted the comic to a few publishers, but if none of them get back to us by late next month we’ll be soliciting through Diamond ourselves.  Once we’re in Previews, be sure to let your comics retailer know you’re interested in First Law Of Mad Science!

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