First Law #4 will be available August 3rd.

First Law #4 available August 3rdAnyone who might have been paying attention to our events schedule a few months back probably noticed that the Spring convention season kind of fell apart for us at the end.  Boston Comic-Con got postponed due to a mad bomber on the loose, and then a week later we had to cancel our C2E2 appearance at the last minute.

We didn’t really talk about it at the time, but that last-minute cancellation was due to a personal, family tragedy that struck unexpectedly the day before we planned to leave for Chicago.

That tragedy put quite a few things on hold, including the lettering of issue #4.  I mention this not as a ploy for sympathy or an excuse for the book’s lateness–I know what it’s like to be a fan of a series that never seems to come out, so I know how little excuses actually matter–but merely to let you all know that the delay wasn’t due to late art.  Daniel, Jeff, and Oliver delivered inks, grays, and colors quickly and professionally; the book looks great and has for a while.  You can lay the blame for issue #4′s lateness entirely at my feet.

All that said, I’m now back on the job, and we’re ready to announce that issue #4 will be available for the newly-rescheduled Boston Comic Con, on the first weekend of August.  I’ve still got some lettering left to do, but come hell or high water, even if it means sleepless nights filled with nothing but lettering, or ridiculous rush-printing fees, we will get this book out the door for Boston and the rest of the late-Summer/Fall convention season.

For those of you who aren’t able to pick up the book at a convention, we’ll have the issue up on ComiXology as quickly as it can get through their Submit process, and print copies will be available for order here on our site the same day we debut the book in Boston.

So sorry for the delay.  Hope you enjoy the book!


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