THANK YOU to everyone who stopped by our booth at MoCCA fest. We really do hope you enjoy the book and that you’ll stick with us. We’ve got a lot planned for the Bakers!

The convention itself was a lot of fun. It’s always nice to run into creators and friends who we haven’t seen in a while. It seems like we get more and more creator friends the more cons we do. It’s also nice to talk comics with all of the people nice enough stop by our booth and say hello.

As Always, no convention experience would be complete without me making an total ass of myself. I saw MC Frontalot making the rounds at MoCCA, checking out comics and art, doing his thing. Of course I was all, oh damn, that’s MC Frontalot; I should give him copies of our comic because he’s awesome and it would be cool if he had copies of our comic. He might even like them! So I ran up to him, brain dead from having worked a convention table all weekend, and promptly called him by the wrong name. I got the MC right but that was it. I was mortified. I mean really mortified. I really do like his music but I was so tired from working a convention table all weekend that I spat out the wrong name when I saw him. However, MC Frontalot couldn’t have been cooler. He was incredibly nice and totally understood my half dazed convention brain mishap. I apologized, gave him our comics, and apologized again. Point being, MC Frontalot is awesome and you should go listen to his music right now. Go now!

This is the third year we’ve gone to MoCCA fest and exhibited. I really think that this year was the best. The vibe of the show was really friendly and open; something that hasn’t always been true of the show. I had several really good conversations with people about comics, saw a bunch of excellent art, and really had fun. All in all, it was a great weekend… aside from the fact that I’ve been staying on Mike’s couch here in New York and his damn cats keep waking me up every twenty minutes. I’m pretty sure that used to be a Royal Navy form of torture. I know that because I saw it on an episode of Hornblower.

Thanks again to everyone who picked up copies of First Law!


- Oliver


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