We’re on ComiXology! More so!

Hey Dear Reader,

Issues #2 and #3 of First Law of Mad Science are now available on ComiXology! We’re really excited that First Law is now available in the same place that we read American Vampire and old school issues of Hellblazer.

We’re running a Twitter promotion giving away issue #1 of First Law of Mad Science for the first 50 people who contact us. Here’s how it works; follow us on Twitter and send us a tweet saying that you’d like a free digital copy of First Law of Mad Science. That’s it. After that, we’ll send you a DM with a download code. Here’s how to redeem your download code for issue #1:

First, go to¬†http://www.comixology.com/redeem and plug in the code. If you don’t already have a ComiXology account you’ll have to sign up with them. By the way, it’s totally worth it (they have have comics!). And really, if you don’t have a ComiXology account by now, what are you doing with your life?

- Oliver (and also Mike via Skype)




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